The Montgomery Companies Podcast

Jun 15 2020

Episode #1

Jordan Montgomery | Liz Bohannon

We are excited to welcome Liz Bohannon today on the Montgomery Companies Podcast. In today’s episode, Jordan asks Liz about her background and how she went from being a journalism student in Missouri to being a nationally recognized speaker, author, and CEO. Liz explains that she knew she was passionate about women and girls living in poverty in developing economies. She started with a small step, made a friend in Uganda, and ultimately created a company so girls could earn income and go to a university after high school. Liz goes on to discuss how her company had to rethink their products during the COVID-19 outbreak, resulting in the creation of a fair-trade coffee brand, which helped her company and employees stay financially stable through the pandemic.

Liz then discusses her book “Beginner’s Pluck” and the importance of channeling your inner beginner and not being afraid to be curious. She believes that the antidote to being a critical person is to be a curious person.

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