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Jordan Montgomery, owner of Montgomery Companies, is a highly regarded performance coach and keynote speaker whose clients include business executives, sales organizations, and entrepreneurs.

From small town Iowa, to a dominant force in the performance coaching industry, Jordan travels the country speaking and coaching executives at Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and sales people.

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  • Keynote Speaking
  • Performance Coaching
  • Individual Coaching
Keynote Speaking


Jordan brings a high-energy speaking style to his audience as he inspires individuals and teams with unique examples from his own leadership journey. Jordan draws audiences in with his transparent spirit, often sharing his own successes and failures. These genuine, powerful, and inspiring presentations have become nationally recognized. His message has been resonating with Fortune 500 companies and championship athletic teams across the country.

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Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

Jordan believes strongly in collaboration and begins with the collaborative development of a tailored coaching plan. Through this plan, clients work with Jordan to set goals, discuss desired outcomes, and develop actionable benchmarks. Jordan provides feedback and motivation in an action-oriented approach to help improve effectiveness. Through performance coaching, Jordan casts vision, encouraging clients to think bigger and take steps towards achieving their full potential.

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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Jordan thrives in individual coaching for his clients. He is a master networker and can assist in relationship building talents for his clients by making powerful connections to desired influencers. It is his passion and mission to bring success and growth to his clients in both their personal lives and in their career development to become the best versions of themselves possible.

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Montgomery Companies is intimately familiar with the unique strengths offered by each of our coaching partners. Based on specific requirements, we help every client secure the services of a suitable keynote speaker or coach. Learn more about this talented team.

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